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With 90 million transactions a week in 25,000 stores worldwide the coffee giant is in many ways on the cutting edge of using big data and artificial intelligence to help direct marketing, sales and business decisions.
AmEx’s goal is to detect fraudulent transactions as quickly as possible to minimise loss, so they employ a machine learning model that uses a variety of Big Data sources and make a decision in milliseconds.
A sound big data strategy can help organizations reduce costs by migrating heavy existing workloads to big data technologies; as well as deploying new applications to capitalize on new opportunities.
Netflix uses data processing and traditional business intelligence tools, as well as its own open-source tech, to gather, store, and process Big Data. These influence its decisions on content to create and promote to viewers.
General Electric Power has been working on applying Big Data, machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to build an “internet of power” to replace the linear, one-way traditional model of energy delivery.
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AltiFund - The Way to Go
AltiFund is a premium funding-focused company with interest in monetizing Big Data Products, Cryptocurrency and the development of AI technology, delivering relevant and personalized content and services for its consumers, enabling business process reporting, data discovery and predictive/prescriptive analytics; hence achieving its goals for data monetization with higher ROIs.
Opportunity in Big Data
As an increasingly digital business, AltiFund recognized that it needed to make greater use of the large amount of data at its disposal and understand how to achieve higher revenues from big data. AltiFund is on a long-term project to develop an answer that spanned on client's critical activities, from strategy to implementation, converting data into brilliant results.
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AltiFund's Monetization Solution
The first phase involved creating a roadmap and defining the capabilities necessary for AltiFund to effectively monetize big data. We created use cases for different data scenarios and were able to identify the precise value levers that would enable AltiFund to make optimal use of Big Data and analytics.
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A Call for Prospective Investors
AltiFund invites interested investors who are willing to partake in our Big Data Revolution, buy our share packs and earn interest while doing this. With AltiFund Share interest program, you can buy Big Data Share packs for as low as $50/share which comes with a weekly interest of 5%. Learn more >>>
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From our Community, with Lo♥e...

Best Inference Engine

"Operating combinations of "IF-THEN" rules in determining potential outcomes, AltiFund effortlessly applies logic to the knowledge base to deduce new information, saving us time with higher productivity levels. Such an interesting way to handle complex data."

Machine Learning Engineer - Fayrix
Best Infrastructure as a Service

"Understanding Big Data to a point of providing provision processing, storage, networks, and other fundamental computing resources where the consumer is able to deploy and run arbitrary Big Data software, which can include operating systems and applications is outstanding."

Cloud Big Data Engineer - Experis
Best Data Governance

"Altifund’s true mission is to provide the best big data solution, free of any hidden charges while striving to build trusting long-term relationships with its clients in its overall management of the availability, usability, integrity and security of data."

MDM Data Architect - SAP
Best Big Data Startup

"AltiFund offer an amazing platform which contains everything in front of you. An amazing startup company with easy, clear and fast growing tech, providing amazing solutions to big fortune 500 companies who have zero idea on how to utilize their data in a effective way..."

Data Scientist - Avigilon
Best Data as a Service

"An original data simplification service platform for the Big Data industry, award-winning AltiFund have proven that simplifying big data can be unique and perform excellently as a service offered to companies. A truly superb data service solution platform!"

AWS Big Data Engineer - Teradata
Best Data Analytics

"The true power of Big Data Analytics is the science of analyzing raw data in order to postulate effective hypothesis and make conclusions about some information. Some of the most important criteria here have been carefully developed by Altifund. Simply outstanding!

Data Analyst - Intellectsoft
Best Business Intelligence

"We've never seen a team of developers more dedicated to creating the best Business Intelligence systems possible. Our data burden rely on technologies and applications from AltiFund which has helped tremendously in the presentation of our business information."

BI Developer - iSoftStone
Best Data Security Award

"The beauty of using AltiFund is that your data is simplified into information and also protective digital privacy measures are applied to prevent unauthorized access to computers, databases and websites including corruption which is really awesome!."

Information Security Analyst - Keyrus
AltiFund is the best way to try out Big Data Shares
AltiFund combines the world's leading technology with the best offers for its shareholders
No guesswork is required on your part. AltiFund uses Big Data monetization to earn you interest.
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90% uptime & upto 17% interest returns for all shares bought
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With 180+ companies built on AltiFund's Big Data Solutions
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Cutting Edge technology built on Big Data Solutions and the AI
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Prompt and regular share interest returns