Alexander Andreyev


Welcome to AltiFund Share interest program - where you can earn when we monetize big data solutions with the AltiFund shares you acquire.
Big Data is the next generation and way to go; in moving businesses forward and we want you to be part of this solution. Welcome...

Alexander Andreyev.
CTO Data Science Technical Lead

What Weekly Share Interest offers you

  • 5% ROI per share every week
    and Up to 17% ROI in referral packs
  • Pro AltiFund Technical Team 1
    and Technical Team 2 available
  • Sign an Agreement Contract
    Secure your Funds above $10,000.
  • Early Bird Signup $20 Bonus
    Get a Bonus of $20 during Signup
  • Personal support manager
    Available to answer your questions 24/5
  • Weekly payouts without hold
    No limitation for withdrawal of Interest

How it works

  • 1. Simply Create an AltiFund Share account complete KYC application and get assigned a unique identifier no.
  • 2. Buy Share packs starting from $50 per share. Add funds to your account to acquire more share packs
  • 3. Let AltiFund do all the monetization. 5% ROI every week or up to 17% weekly in higher referral packs.

Why AltiFund & Weekly Share Interest

So how does it all fit together? Lets run through the details

Alexander Andreyev, CTO of AltiFund has a long term contract with AltiFund to get access to the latest tools on Big Data and its Monetization.

Using these cutting edge tools he’s able to secure deals with processing Big Data for a lot of other companies.

"There is a LOT of money to be made in Big Data Monetization if you know what you’re doing, have the right tools & more importantly have the right personality & level of self control to stick to your rules consistently." He says...

In his quest to revolutionize how AltiFund Monetizes Big Data, Alexander Andreyev has decided to introduce the share interest program to ensure that AltiFund Big Data Monetization becomes sustainable and also inclusive.

AltiFund is the company where Alexander Andreyev re-engineers his Big Data techniques, providing the software & tools for his share interest program including a team of dedicated data scientist to help maximize returns.

AltiFund (Alexander Andreyev) is our team started by a group of entrepreneurs in Malta to help average people get access to the massive returns available through Alexander’s share interest program.

That group in AltiFund negotiated an amazing deal with Alexander to get access to his ideas of 5% share interest for as little as $50 per share & to also setup a referral system to pay out interest up to 17% when people share AltiFund with others.

AltiFund (Alexander Andreyev) returns daily (private) and weekly interest on aquired shares

Share Capital can be returned within 8-14 Days of request for payout being received.

AltiFund accept deposits in Bitcoin/Altcoins & pay returns in Bitcoin/Altcoins to allow for a truly global business!

All share value are converted to US Dollars & returns are calculated on the US Dollar amount acquired.

One of our team members have put together a few strategy options which we’ve linked to the strategy document.

You do not have to follow any set plan, these are provided as a guideline only to give you some possible direction & plan.

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