Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Success Rate of AltiFund?

The success rate of AltiFund is dependent on the value of shares acquired by the public.

The more cash we have to invest in Big Data Solutions, the more success we have.

Can I lose my money investing with AltiFund? ?

Your investment, as well as your trust, is our core value. we will ensure that there is no loss

How Long Has AltiFund been in Business?

We have been in existence for a Decade making profits.

How secure is AltiFund?

We use industry standard processes and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your personal information. We consistently monitor the data flow to prevent any data loss. Additionally, we employ SSL encryption and DDoS security to ensure that information passed between our site and your browser is secure which makes us the safest investment company in the world.

How Many Clients Do We Serve?

As at December 2019, AltiFund has over 11,000 official clients across its trading packages.

How do we register to get started?

You can register on the site by yourself and we would contact you with details to fund your account. Also, you could send an email to [email protected] and we would assist you in getting started.

Can I register without using a member no. (referral no. of a partner, or other advertising) ?

Use of a referral is optional. Most of our clients got to learn about the program through promotional adverts that never included referrals, they are currently participating in the program and fairing alright.

How long does it take to get our shares once we fund our account?

Immediately your funds are received, we manually allocate Big Data shares of same value into your account.

How are funds transferred from client to AltiFund?

We prefer Bitcoin payment because its instant and secure. However we have all the available forms of Money transfer from Money Orders (Agent Funding) to Card payments which may depreciate with time.

When will I see my first interest? ?

The first interest will be added to your account every Friday (5 successful trading days: Monday-Friday) after your investment and it shall be displayed on your dashboard immediately once it gets credited.

Do you pay the ROI by calendar days or business days? ?

Business days, you will receive weekly ROI every Friday or Daily ROI every Friday depending on your plan.

How many Big Data Shares can I buy?

We have No limitations on the number of Big Data Shares you can buy. Total shares available to the public = 600,000 BDS

What are the minimum and maximum funding amounts? ?

There is a minimum of $50 per share. There is no Max cap for Maximum investment considering the total shares available for sale to the public

Can I help my friends or my family members to invest from the same IP address using the same computer? ?

Yes, they can have own accounts on the same computer and use the same IP. But please note that such participant should also have own payment account that is different from yours.

Can I transfer funds within the company from my account to another client's account? ?

Yes, you can transfer.

How can i upgrade to a higher Plan, are they automatic?

Upgrades are not automatic. To upgrade from a lower plan to a higher plan, kindly send us a message and we will reprogram your account for the higher plan; given that everything look alright and you have reached minimum for the higher plan. Downgrades are NOT possible.

Can we fund account from a business, LLC Or Corporation? And withdraw to same business?

Yes you can do this.

when I process a withdrawal, how long it takes to reach my Bitcoin wallet?

Once a withdrawal request is submitted, we process it immediately. Any payment request on blockchain sent to you is instant and it reflects on your wallet dashboard immediately.

Can I withdraw money at any time? ?

yes, You are free to make a withdrawal anytime after a trading week. Note that the balance amount in your account has to be equal to or above the minimum amount required to keep your current plan operational and active.

How much is the withdrawal fee ?

Check our Fees page for more information about fees.

Do you report the income received by you, your clients and partners to tax authorities? ?

AltiFund has its headquarters and physical operational office in Malta and is registered under its simplified tax system. Our own tax liabilities towards fiscal authorities of this country will be discharged at the end of the reporting year.

Considering that our clients and partners are not formally employed at AltiFund, they must independently adhere to their own country’s tax laws and undertake the reporting of their income on their own.

Is there a referral system?

Yes, there is an excellent referral system where you get bonuses and deductions in trading commission for anyone you successfully refer to the company. Learn more about how the referral system works here

How does the referral system work, and how is the client compensated?

Once Client A refers Client Z, Client A is entitled to the referral bonus depending on the plan his referral starts with, higher plan yields higher bonuses. Client A’s account is funded with the referral bonus amount and can receive this bonus INSTANTLY if requested

Is there a contract issued between client and AltiFund?

Yes there is a legally binding contract issued to our clients in the recommended plans.

I Forgot my login password/Transaction password, what should I do?

You can click on the forgot password/Transaction password link to recover your lost Credentials, in case you are not able to recover it, you can contact our live chat for an instant solution or Email us at [email protected] with a description of the problem, and be sure to specify your login information. Our specialists will respond you ASAP.
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