AltiFund Fees

AltiFund prides in the lowest fees rate and No Extra Charges or Hidden Fees

General Notice

Transaction costs have a significant effect on each investment strategy. Low transaction costs are the first realized profit on an transaction. AltiFund offers exceptionally low trading fees for transactions in Forex, CFDs on Shares, Futures, Indices, Metals & Energy or even Crypto Currencies .


In the past decade, AltiFund has been the winner of multiple price comparison tests conducted by independent entities, such as the VEB etc.

AltiFund offers the best of both worlds. Extreme low trading fees, while having the most sophisticated and most reliable platform in the world.

AltiFund Fee Schedule

  • General: 0.0% trading fee.


  • Withdrawal Fee
    • 7% Weekly: 0% fee
    • 9% Weekly: 0% fee
    • 14% Weekly: 0% fee
    • 17% Daily: 0% fee

Fees may be subject to review.

  • Deposit Fees: 0.0%


To inquire about our recommended managed account plans or purchase an actual plan, please send us a message or click on the register button to begin.

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