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Learn how we have designed our funding process at AltiFund, just for you.


At AltiFund, making deposit is simple and straight forward and hardly takes up any of your time. We are constantly striving to offer you even more deposit options and to make the process even easier.

Depositing funds into your AltiFund account

Funding your account is quick and simple. There are various payment methods at your disposal. Simply choose
whichever method you prefer and follow the steps below to make a successful deposit:


  1. Log in to your account
  2. Locate our plans and choose your preferred plan
  3. Choose your preferred deposit method
  4. Enter the amount and select the currency
  5. Finally, complete the steps displayed & make a deposit

Funding FAQs

Is depositing safe and secure?

Yes, depositing money into your account is absolutely safe, private and secure. All transactions are communicated using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, ensuring that your personal information is kept safe.

What is the minimum First Time Deposit?

Depending on your region and country regulations, the minimum first-time deposit is $1000 for the 9% weekly recommended plan.

Why can't I deposit using a payment method under another person’s name (3rd party payment)?

AltiFund does not allow third-party payments. A third-party payment is a deposit made using a payment method that is not in the same name as the owner of the AltiFund account. As stated in our terms and conditions, the owner of the trading account should be the owner of the funds. Therefore, there is no option to make a deposit using someone else’s payment method.

However, if you wish to use a method of payment belonging to your spouse or another first-degree family member, we can set up a joint account for you. This must be set up PRIOR to depositing with the 3rd party payment method. This means that both parties will be allowed access to deposit/withdraw funds, however, only the account owner will be permitted to trade. You will be asked to provide identification documents, a proof of your relation (such as marriage certificate/ birth certificate).

How do I deposit by credit/debit card?

Deposit via the Credit/Debit card option is depreciated.

We have switched to deposits via Crypto currencies.

Do you accept Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies as a method of Payment?

Yes, we do support Bitcoin as our recommended method of payment. Other crypto currencies we support include Ethereum and Litecoin

To inquire about our recommended managed account plans or purchase an actual plan, please send us a message or click on the register button to begin.

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