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AI Machine Learning meets Algorithmic Trading

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The future is in what we found: using Machine Learning technologies from sorting and classifying inputs (prices, volatility etc.), to making predictions and estimating probabilities of movements and outcomes.


Automatic Trading makes it possible to make money when the price varies. This is something that is becoming increasingly popular with cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin is a natural fit for automated trading. It is growing an army of professional traders using high-speed strategies, deployed by some of the biggest Wall Street players as they see Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a new, exciting ground.


Our objective is to build a fund; able to manage both assets and digital assets through Artificial Intelligence, hereby creating a balanced portfolio based on the risk approach of our clients.

The Software: Why AltiFund's Trading software is better?

What AltiFund’s AI Trading software stands to give you:


  1. A BETTER WAY to grow your money… WAY beyond the measly returns offered by banks.
  2. A means to side-step 99.9% of garbage robots in the marketplace so you can get into profit fast and stay in profit long-term.
  3. Access to a breakthrough built-in loss prevention intelligence that lifts you out of those pesky losing trades.
  4. Control of the ultimate system to achieve passive wealth while you sleep by engaging your financial resources around the clock… without the emotional turmoil of manual trading.
  5. Avoid NEVER to look around when researching a robot trading software… this one mistake alone could cost you a small fortune.
  6. The sneaky automated ‘investment dispersion strategy’ that minimizes your investment risk while simultaneously increasing profits.

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