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Security Alert

Security Alert – Fraudulent Impersonation of AltiFund Staff
Date: 15 September 2019


We would like to alert customers and members of the public to cases of fraudulent impersonation of our staff that first surfaced in AltiFund Group’s Malta office.


The scammer impersonates our staff using a fake “staff identity” card bearing the AltiFund logo and attempts to solicit members of the public to open an account, supposedly with a AltiFund Group entity, via online social media (such as Facebook) or IM (such as WeChat or Line) platform. Once a fake account is created, the victims are directed by the scammer to apply for investments via a fraudulent third-party website that has no links whatsoever to the ALTIFUND Group and are asked to remit funds to personal bank accounts.


Customers and members of the public are advised to be alert to such scams. We will never request customers or members of the public to remit funds to personal bank accounts nor permit its staff to solicit business unless they are the company’s authorised representatives. To identify if a person is an authorised representative of a ALTIFUND Group entity in Malta, please contact us via our website at

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