AltiFund Withdrawals

Learn how we have designed our withdrawal process at AltiFund, just for you.


At AltiFund, making withdrawals is simple and straight forward and hardly takes up any of your time. We are constantly striving to offer you even more withdrawal options and to make the process even easier. If you have any queries just contact our Client Support Team

How to withdraw from your AltiFund account

Withdrawal from your AltiFund account is quick and simple. There are various withdrawal methods at your disposal. Currently, withdrawal via CryptoCurrency is our most recommended as its fast and secure.


Here’s how to perform a withdrawal

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Visit the Office or AI trading Area
  3. Click on the Withdrawal link to access the withdrawal form
  4. Enter the amount and select the currency
  5. Click on the Withdrawal button to process your withdrawal
  6. You should receive a withdrawal confirmation immediately at your registered email.

Withdrawal FAQs

How do I withdraw money?

Want to withdraw funds from your account? No problem! Customers may withdraw funds from their AltiFund account at any time from the withdrawal link in the trading area. Funds can be withdrawn up to the value of the profit balance of your AltiFund account to keep your account active, minus the withdrawal fee charged.


*Please note you will be asked to provide an alternative payment method if we are unable to return your funds via your original deposit method

How long will it take to process my withdrawal request and when will I receive my funds?

Withdrawal requests take up to 1-3  business day to process for clients on the recommended plans, providing we have all necessary information.The estimated amount of  time to receive your payment will vary depending on your payment provider; exactly 3 confirmations for Bitcoin withdrawals.

How can I cancel my withdrawal?

To cancel your withdrawal, send us a message via our contact us page and we will attempt to cancel your withdrawals if the system hasn’t processed your withdrawal request.

What conditions are required to open a withdrawal request?

  1. The minimum amount for withdrawal should not exceed your total profit.
  2. You must have withdrawable profit available.
  3. Your account needs to be verified.

Are there any withdrawal fees?

Yes, withdrawal requests are subject to a withdrawal processing fee. Please view our AltiFund fees for more info.

How will I know if my withdrawal request has been processed?

You will be notified via email once the processing of your withdrawal request has been completed, together with the payment provider details of where we sent your funds.

To inquire about our recommended managed account plans or purchase an actual plan, please send us a message or click on the register button to begin.

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